Mammography, Here's What You Need to Know

Mammography or mammogram is a scanning test conducted to capture images of breast tissue using X-ray technology. Mammography is used as a tool to examine and detect various forms of abnormalities in the breast, such as breast cancer, tumors, breast cysts, or a buildup of calcium (calcification) in breast tissue. For women aged 40 years and over or genetically at risk of developing breast cancer, it is advisable to do regular mammography. Although mammography is considered as the most effective test to detect breast cancer early, 10-15% of breast cancer cases cannot be detected on the first scan. Physical examination and repeated scans need to be done to confirm the diagnosis. Mammography type Based on its purpose, mammography consists of 2 types, namely: Mammography screening. This test is done to detect abnormalities in the breast even though there are no visible signs or abnormalities. Mammography screening is done to detect breast cancer since Diagnostic mammography. This
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